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Many of the answers here are courtesy of Isam Bayazidi

Facts edit

Started: Although the home page of Arabic Wikipedia says it started in July 2003, it did not really start until February 2004. Elian sent an email to Arabeyes Mailing List ( Following is the email:

Areas of strength

  • TK

Areas of weakness

Who is the competition (print, online)?

  • TK

Prominent milestones/events edit

  • TK

What has its impact been?

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Features edit

What language features are challening?

  • Arabic is read right-to-left, and Arabic wikipedia didn't even have an Arabic interface originally. Isam Bayazidi volunteered to translate the interface, alongside others. Reference
  • Finding translation for the names creatures like Clarkia Amonea and Pithovirus

What would surprise the outside reader about the community?

  • TK

What are some unique practices/characteristics?

  • TK

Who were the earliest participants, who started it?

  • Isam Bayazidi

Other prominent Wikipedians?

  • Meno25
  • Ciphers

Statistics edit

First test made by Toira on 25/02/07 edit

Using alt-shift-x (to display a random page) 20 times I got:

  • 13 articles with decent content [65%], of wich 04 are about arab personalities.
  • 3 stubs. [15%]
  • 4 date articles, half of them have some content. [20%]

Second test made by SegeWiki on 6/01/11 edit

Viewing a random article 20 times I got:

  • 3 one-lined stubs (15%)
  • 10 stubs (50%)
  • 1 good date article (5%)
  • 4 weak articles, not stubs (20%)
  • 2 fair articles (10%)

Third test made by Rich Farmbrough on 2012-01-31 edit

(Note this only reflects the distribution of articles, see some of my research for more details.) Viewing a random article 20 times I got:

  • 3 one-lined stubs (15%)
  • 13 stubs (65%)
  • 1 good date article (5%)
  • 2 weak articles, not stubs (10%)
  • 1 fair articles (5%)