Wikipedia is a written compendium of human knowledge.

Human knowledge can be divided into two categories:

  • Knowledge that has been incorporated into Wikipedia.
  • Knowledge that has not been incorporated into Wikipedia.

(the following are made-up definitions used by one contributor only)

Knowledge that falls into the first category is said to be Wikipedic. Knowledge that falls into the second category is said to be Antiwikipedic.

Surely the "anti-" prefix implies that such knowledge is "against" or "undersirable" to Wikipedia. Surely, such a term (if one is needed) should imply that such knowledge has not yet been incorporated.

Examples of wikipedic knowledge include w:Constans, w:George Pullman, and w:Transportation in French Polynesia.

Examples of antiwikipedic knowledge (as of the writing of this entry) include w:Sargon II, w:Trickster, and w:Polynesian.