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Andrew WorthEdit

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Professor's CommentsEdit

Andy was a particularly bright and creative student. Although he sometimes took a long time to submit his required materials, the creativity and insight he demonstrated when he did finally submit his work made it clear that Andy is an exceptionally gifted thinker.

Student's CommentsEdit

I thought I knew a lot about Gestalt theory, but Professor Lehar exposed me to a great breadth of material beyond the familiar Gestalt authors. He tailored the course specifically to my interests, and allowed me to replace my final paper with a very elaborate computer simulation. I found the experience very rewarding.

Detailed GradesEdit

Paper 1: Implications of Gestalt Theory for Magnetic Resonance Imagery. Submitted: May 2005. Grade B+

Comments: Andy shows creativity in applying Gestalt principles to a specific problem domain.

Exam 1: Score 88, Grade B

Paper 2: Gestalt-Inspired Algorithm for Volumetric Shape Recognition Submitted: July 2005. Grade A.

Comments: Andy has outdone himself and come up with a truly original concept of shape recognition using Gestalt principles. This can truly be considered a material contribution to Gestalt theory.

Exam 2: Score 65, Grade C

Paper 3: A Generalization of the Grey-White Decision Net for Gestalt Applications.

Comments: Once again Andy has demonstrated exceptional creativity and original thinking. This work will definitely have to be published!

Exam 3: Score 72, Grade C+

Paper 4: A Defomorphic Analysis of Volumetric Shape in Medical Imagery.

Comments: Andy has finally brought all his various ideas together in a single work, which, supported by elaborate computer simulations, offers a novel and very powerful new altorithm for medical imagery. It has been an honor to work with a student with such raw native talent and creative ability!

Exam 4: Score 61, Grade C

Course Grade: A+