Amnesty and Wikipedia/How to get involved as a Wikimedia affiliate or volunteer

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The basics

  • Amnesty International Sections around the world are looking for local Wikimedians to support their volunteers editing about human rights.
  • This will involve working with your local Amnesty/Amnistia/Anistia section to help them understand how to work with Wikipedia and possibly other Wikimedia projects.

The basics would be some meetings and discussions, providing a bit of training or translation/localisation, and helping run a training session/editathon with them. But you can develop these relationships as extensively as you want.


  • It offers an opportunity to improve the huge subject of human rights across Wikipedias.
  • You will establish a relationship with your local Amnesty section and another large, volunteer-driven movement.
  • We can bring Amnesty volunteers to Wikimedia, and help them to focus some of their enthusiasm and energy on improving a specific area of Wikipedia across multiple languages, and to continue doing this.



  • See the list of interested sections below, as well as the expected date of activity
  • Contact me at or User:battleofalma or find me at Wikimedia Conference right now. I will try to answer any specific questions, explain in more detail, and be able put you in contact with your local section


Section Participation When do you plan to hold the event/s? Number of participants Language(s) City/Cities of event
Amnesty Cote D'Ivoire Y
Amnesty Mali Y
AI Nigeria y May 19/20 depending on an agreed number of supporters and activists English Abuja
Amnesty Argentina Y
Amnesty Brazil Y May 19 and 20 Portuguese São Paulo
Amnesty Peru Y Spanish Lima
AI Mexico Y
Amnesty Uruguay Y Spanish Montevideo
AI Paraguay y May 19 or 20 Around 25 or more Spanish Asuncion
Amnesty Australia y English
Amnesty New Zealand Y
Amnesty Indonesia Y
AI Philippines y May 19 or 20 Around 10-15 English Metro Manila
AI Malaysia y May TBC English Kuala Lumpur
Amnesty Belgium (fl) Y May 20 max 20 Dutch, English Brussels
Amnesty Finland Y Finnish
Amnesty Denmark Y
Amnesty Ireland Y/later Autumn 2018- possible when other s/s like France and Austria are doing- perhaps the second lot could coordinate? 5-10 English Dublin
Amnesty Germany Y
Amnesty Netherlands Y May 19th This is really hard to estimate as of now, also since it's aslo still hard for us to grasp the size of the project. Let's roughly say something between 30 and 150 participants for the whole event. Preferrably focusing on the Dutch Wikipedia edition, but can work in English, too. Amnesty House, Amsterdam
Amnesty Norway Y
Amnesty Poland Y Warsaw
Amnesty Slovakia Y 20 May 5-10 English, Slovak Bratislava
Amnesty Switzerland Y/Sunday
Amnesty UK Y Sunday 20 May
AI UK - Scotland office Y
Amnesty Ukraine Y/Saturday 14-19th of May It will depend on the total number of events we will host - one big in Kyiv or several, also in the regions Ukrainian, Russian Kyiv, may be also some cities in the regions
AI Spain y May 19/20 It will depend on the contents that we're expected to upload. We're waiting for further information from the IS Spanish Madrid
AI France y/later October French Paris
Amnesty Austria y/later
Amnesty Algeria Y Algiers
Amnesty India y May 19/20 Approx 20 English Amnesty India office, Bangalore