Amical Wikimedia/September 2012

Education edit

Mataró Editathon
Dalí Editathon at Dalí Theatre and Museum
  • September 10. Viquiescoles prizes (computer+22 iPod) have been brought to high school winners at Santa Coloma de Gramenet. Arnaugir, Kippelboy
  • September 12. Viquimodernisme presentation to Barcelona University's doctors.
  • September 21. Viquimodernisme presentation to Barcelona University's students.
  • 2012-13 course starts with 6 schools collaborating with WikiArS initiative (EDRA Rubí, Llotja Barcelona, Serra i Abella Hospitalet, Pau Gargallo Barcelona, Escoles d'Art de Vic i de Manresa), 4 wikipedian tutors (Dvdgmz, Pallares, Galazan, Mvro) and several thematic consultants (Geologia UB, Institut Jaume Almera, Museu Badalona, Alistair Ian Spearing Ortiz).


Wiki Loves Monuments edit

Wiki Takes Palafrugell
Award ceremony of Wiki Takes Pla d'Urgell
  • September 4. Meeting with patrimoni.gencat. Kippelboy
  • September 8. Wiki Takes Palafrugell.
  • September 22. Wiki Takes Pla d'Urgell, launched by Centre de Recerques del Pla d'Urgell Mascançà.
  • September 28-30. Editathons throughout Catalonia to expand the articles about monuments on occasion to the European Heritage Days.

Comunication, Visibility edit

Others edit

  • We keep searching for headquarters.
  • September 7. International commission of Barcelona THE LAB. Kippelboy
  • September 18. International comission of Barcelona THE LAB. Kippelboy