Amical Wikimedia/October-November 2010

Courses and conferences

  • 2 October–20 November: Specific course for secondary education teachers given at the Institut de Ciències de l'Educació (ICE) in Girona. User:Imartin
  • 8 October: Wikipedia workshop-presentation at the Casal Jaume I in Perpignan. User:Capsot.
  • 21 October: Start of the training course within the Viquibalear project.
  • 21 October: Edit Wikipedia workshop at the Terrassa 6th district library. User:Gomà.
  • 5 November. Conference at the Casa Golferichs: "La Viquipèdia, què és i com funciona". User:Gomà.
  • 18 November. Lecture on Wikipedia in the conference hall of the UAB Faculty of Humanities. User:Simonjoan
  • 18 November. Edit Wikipedia workshop at the UPC. User:Gomà
  • 20 November. Edit Wikipedia workshop at the Biblioteca Central de Terrassa. User:Gomà

Content release

  • We contacted the President of the Free Knowledge Institute, Wouter Tebbens, at the Free Culture Forum. He told us they are developing a joint project with UOC, consisting in a series of courses which use freely licenced material. At the time of writing, they have Introduction to Free Software, Advanced Administration of the Linux GNU Operating System, Development of Web Apps, Introduction to Development and Implementation of free-software systems.
  • We talked to Miquel Pujol Palol, the author of the book Les Plantes Cultivades. CEREALS. He accepted to releasing the book under a free licence. We are processing his permission to submit it to OTRS and will inform Wikibooks as soon as it is ready.
  • All Wikipedians and members of sister projects can now download the book Comunicacions Informàtiques i de Dades for free. It is a reference work for subjects on Networks and Data Transmission in Catalan universities. It is not under a free licence but having it available for free may help write articles about the subjects it covers.
  • More and more authors of online content in Catalan are releasing their work under a free licence compatible with Wikipedia. The Catalan website is under the CC-BY-SA licence, which can help fill Wikibooks with recipes if we cite it properly.


  • 15 October: Meeting in Barcelona with representatives of the Sapiens magazine to seek possibilities for cooperation between both associations. User:Beusson
  • The joint project with TV3 Espai Internet has divulged the following articles over the last few months: ca:Les set meravelles del món, ca:Les set noves meravelles del món, ca:Vídeo viral, ca:Arkady Ostrovsky, ca:Audiència (mitjans de comunicació), ca:Apple Inc. i ca:Beatles.
  • Barcelona TV broadcast this report on the Drumbeat Festival focusing mainly on Wikipedia. It features interviews with User:Mcapdevila, User:Gomà, User:Dvdgmz, User:Esenabre and Alina Mierlus. At 00:27 you can also see User:SJ, but he still doesn't speak Catalan well enough to give an interview.

Institutional relations

  • We are taking part in ViquilletrA, a joint project by the Open University of Catalonia [1] and the Department of Education [2], with the support of Amical Viquipèdia [3]. Some of the results can be used on Wikipedia in the future. User:Barcelona.
  • We signed a cooperation agreement with SIF (Manufacturing Engineering Society). The wikiprojects viquifabricació and wikifabricación started as a result of this agreement. At the time of writing, teachers from five universities had joined the project, but we expect participation to increase during the second half of the academic year. User:Gomà.
  • Meeting with the UAB Postgraduate School to explain Wikipedia and its pedagogical potential.
  • Documentation for IEC, with the objective to launch a project with its affiliate organisations. User:Barcelona
  • 21 October: meeting with the Department of Citizen Action of the Catalan Government with the goal to encourage pensioners to participate in Wikipedia. An agreement was reached, under which they will divulge videos about editing Wikipedia on their website and in retirement homes. Usuari:Pallarès


  • 23 October. 3rd Wikipedian annual meeting. The Association arranged for the premises, organised the lunch and contributed €300 to a fund aiming to cover part of the travel expenses for Wikipedians coming from afar. User:Mafoso and User:Judesba. We would like to give a special thank you to those who came from the islands (User:Paucabot from Majorca and User:Gusdan from Alghero), as well as User:Willtron from the Aragonese Wikipedia, who came from Saragossa. Donations from those present and book sales gave us a surplus of €92.80, which were deposited into the Association's account.
  • On that day we also held the annual meeting of the Amical Viquipèdia association. The assembly was open to anyone who wished to attend and everyone was allowed to speak regardless of whether they were members or not.
  • 28–31 October. We took part in the FCF, which this year focused on the economic sustainability of free culture. A special thank you goes to Alice Wiegand from Wikimedia Deutschland for her contributions. User:Lilaroja.
  • 3–6 November. The Drumbeat festival in Barcelona was devoted to learning and reserved a place for Wikipedia. Among many other things, we talked about the 10th anniversary celebrations and the use of Wikipedia in educational projects. The local team which helped organise the event did an outstanding job. We were an official partner of the activities held on 6 November to bring the Drumbeat to El Raval.
  • 25 November. Assembly of the Free Knowledge and Software Coordinating Organisation. It was agreed that other communities and organisations (Mozilla, Drupal, Ubuntu, Softcatalà, etc.) will take part in some events of the Wikipedia 10th anniversary.
  • Thanks to the efforts of Leptictidium, Mafoso, Kippelboy, Joancreus and Martorell, the Wikipedia brochure is now available in Standard and Valencian Catalan. Printed copies will be available soon.