Amical Wikimedia/May 2012

Education edit

Exhibit Llotja il·lustra la Viquipèdia from the WikiArs project
Example of an artwork from WikiArS
  • May 2. Talk about Wikipedia to 60 students of the Institute of Sils. Arnaugir
  • May 17. Talk to students about Wikipedia to students from Bell-lloc del Pla in Girona. Arnaugir
  • May 17. Meeting with the team WikiSkills UB to exchange experiences and find possible collaborations. Barcelona and Dvdgmz
  • WikiArS
  • Viquifabricació talks to students and professors at the universities of Oviedo and León (Spain) (7 and 8 May). Arnaugir
  • Viquiescoles starts just the creation phase of articles by children students and start evaluating and correcting articles.

Research edit

  • Digithum, an academic journal of the Open University of Catalonia, devoted an special issue on Wikipedia. The paper includes articles like Wikipedia in reputation management: an analysis of the best and worst companies in the United States (Marcia W. DiStaso, Marcus Messner) Using Wikipedia for the development of linguistic resources: the Catalan and Spanish WordNet 3.0 (Antoni Oliver, Salvador Climent), Overview of the wikimediasfere (David Gomez Fontanills), The truth of Wikipedia (Nathaniel Tkacz) and Wiki Loves Monuments 2011: experience in Spain and reflections from their dissemination cultural (Emilio Posada Jose Rodriguez, Berdasco Angel Gonzalez, Jorge A. Canduela Sierra, Santiago Sanz Navarro Tomas Saorín).


Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya has now a Wikipedian-in-Residence
Wikipedia Lounge at MuseumNext 2012
  • Wikiproject collaboration between the National Museum of Art of Catalonia and Pompeu Fabra University. The students of Museum studies degree created or substantially expanded an article related to the field of museums on Wikipedia. More information, visit the Viquiprojecte:Museus (IDEC-MNAC). Kippelboy
  • May 8. Meeting to start the Viquiprojecte Horta-Guinardó. Kippelboy
  • May 9. Meeting with the Girona Art Museum. Possible wikiproject with the Friends of the Museum. Kippelboy
  • May 11. Meeting with the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) for a possible conference on Open Data in November. Kippelboy
  • May 14. Wikipedia Workshop for workers of the Municipality of Sant Boi de Llobregat. Kippelboy
  • May 16. Meeting with Public Libraries of Catalonia. Kippelboy
  • May 17. Meeting with the manager of university libraries in Catalonia. Kippelboy
  • May 17. Meeting up with Dessing Hub Barcelona (DHUB). Kippelboy
  • May 18. Meeting with the Museu de les Arts Escèniques. Kippelboy
  • May 21. Meeting with the head of the district Horta-Guinardó in Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • Coordination of activities and WIKILOUNGE at MuseumNext held in Barcelona from 23 to 25 May. See page on Wikimedia Meta act. Kippelboy
  • May 24. Announced that the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) will have a Wikipedian in Residence. Kippelboy
  • May 30. Wikipedia editing course some public workers of the City of Girona. Kippelboy
  • May 30. Meeting with the director of the Museum of Art Girona. Kippelboy
  • May 31. Meeting with the Publications Department of Public Libraries of Catalonia. Kippelboy
  • May 31. Meeting with Inma Mora (Archivists of Catalonia). Kippelboy

Organization edit

  • We are holding a general meeting of Amical Wikipedia in Barcelona on May 31 and approved hiring a GLAM-WIKI project manager, ratifying the selection of Àlex Hinojo (Kippelboy).

Communication edit