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Assumpte: Proposed Catalan chapter.

Remitent: jrgoma add

Destinatari: Andrew Whitworth add

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Data: Avui 20/08/09

Dear Andrew and Chapcom members.

After receiving the required official answers from WM-FR and WM-IT we have agreed to modify our bylaws in line with the suggestion made by Wikimedia Italy.

According to your last mail we think this have cleared one of the prerequisites of our proposal.

We would thank you if you could examine our updated bylaws ( to check they comply with chapter’s requirements.

Until now we have been performing several activities in favor of the projects and (even at slow speed due to the provisional situation) we think the results are quite good and we feel they will be better as soon as our role in the Chapters club be clarified.

Our proposal has been publicly available at meta for 6 months and nobody presented objections except about the name.

We believe we comply with the requirement of being anchored in a country/jurisdiction which offers us base for our legal structure. We are anchored in a country (Andorra) and there is a Jurisdiction in Andorra, Spain, France and Italy accepting associations based in Andorra to operate in those Countries.

As you said you don’t have the authority to approve transnational chapters then the board should have. Please just check our bylaws, check no objection presented by WM-FR and WM-IT, check no objection presented by Wikimedia community in general and what else you consider. If you find something to be improved please tell us, otherwise please submit our proposal to the board of Wikimedia Foundation recommending the approval of this transnational chapter.

As you suggested we will attend Wikimania 2009 we hope we will have the opportunity to discuss face to face any detail to help in finding the way to go ahead.

Best regards and see you at Wikimania 2009.

P.S. We are open to find the best name: Wikimedia CAT (perhaps the best for our community) Wikimedia Catalan (Better to be understood by English speaking people) Wikimedia in Catalan (Clearly not the best, it seems a language related project) Wikimedia Catalan speaking region (It seems too long) Wikimedia Andorra + (not clear what the + means and difficulties with Andorra law about using the name of the country in a private entity) Or perhaps some combination: By example as Wikimedia UK does. Having different legal name and name in Wikimedia community: Wikimedia CAT (legal) Wikimedia Andorra+ (internal in Wikimedia community).