Amical Wikimedia/Mail10

from Joan Goma <>
to Delphine Ménard <>
date Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 11:05 AM
subject Re: Fwd: Wikimedia CAT nexts steps.

Bonjour Delphine!

We are ok with forwarding it to anybody you think it can help.

The only thing that worries me of these ideas is that it is a completely different structure. Perhaps it could take months in being approved and at the end we could finish waiting more than for the chapter’s proposal.

If you think that forwarding it to ChapCom can facilitate things instead of slowing them go ahead.

As I told you before I will be in Berlin by the Chapters meeting days. Of course I will come to say hello to several people and to bring a copy of the book Wikipédia translated into Catalan to Guillaume and Florence.

I wonder if we could find a way to attend, perhaps as invited by ChapCom to talk about the new model of “Partner Organizations”, perhaps as collaborating organization of WM France or WM IT (I saw WM IT sent only one representative last year).

Au revoir.