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January 2017
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Community support edit

Community support

Amical Wikimedia starts a new year with the challenge of renewing its board. After some years of great service, it's time to move on. Elections will be during spring 2017. Also former Programme Manager Àlex Hinojo (user:Kippelboy) has been appointed as Amical's brand new Executive Director. The organisation wants to keep basing in a volunteer led model, and sharing it's Amical way with the rest of the affiliates of the movement. This January we also start a re-designed monthly report, inspired by the 2016 yearly report shared by Wikimedia Argentina some weeks ago.

Volunteer led projects supported by Amical edit

Workshops, follow ups and internal training edit

Note: Some follow up meetings in real life are kept in private and not included in this report for respecting lower voices.
  • January 2- In person follow up meeting with user Toniher - Kippelboy
  • January 9- In person follow up meeting with user Tiputini - Kippelboy

Education edit


This january we innovated experimenting with the concept of a Wiki retreat in an humanists residency. Most people know about writing houses, where writers or artists retreats for a short period of time to finish their novel, piece of art or scientific research, what about if a Wikimedian did this? Àlex Hinojo did an experimental one week stage in Faber Residency, Olot, here you can see the results.

Ongoing courses edit

Outreach, workshops & events edit

  • 8 Wikipedia workshops:
    • January 17 - Escola Pia Wikipedia workshop in Olot (20 students) - Kippelboy
    • January 18 - Petit planço Wikipedia workshop in Petit Plançó, Olot (50 students) - Kippelboy
    • January 25 - 4 workshops at a Terrassa Public High schools (200 students) - Kippelboy
    • January 25 - Jaume I High school, Salou (25 students) - Lluis_tgn
    • January 2X - Punt Òmnia Raval, Sant Adrià del Besòs (4 assistants) - Xavier Dengra

Meetings edit

  • January 16 - Meeting with Open University of Catalonia new course students - Kippelboy
  • January 17 - Cesire Drassanes (about wikipedia in secondary schools) - barcelona

GLAM edit

Faber residency, our 2017 brand new partner

GLAM has become a core project in our strategy. It is on of the best ways to promote local nodes of activity. One of the highlights of this month is an experimental project run at a creative residency called FABER. Faber, the Arts, Sciences and Humanities Residency of Catalonia in Olot is a place for writers, translators, artists of diverse disciplines, scholars and scientists to stay together and to work on their personal projects. During their stay, the residents will collaborate in different kinds of activities addressed to students, professionals and general public. The activities will be carried out in accordance with a project, taking into account previous demands and necessities. The Residency is a contemporary space which acts out of the interests of the hosting society. It collects ideas, opinion trends and worries of contemporary world and European cultures. The Residency’s permanence of being up-to-date is reinforced by the residents who are going to stay there. The Residency will participate in the maintenance of communication lines towards Catalonia and towards the world, essential for today’s society, and will be a connecting link between the town and other towns, between the country and other countries. Faber is at the disposal of individuals, institutions, companies and non-profit organisations of Catalonia. here you can see the results

Ongoing projects edit

Outreach, campaigns & events edit

Meetings edit

  • January 4 - Meeting with librarians: preparing #1lib1ref event - Kippelboy
  • January 11 - Follow up Meeting with MACBA Museum representatives - Kippelboy
  • January 11 - Meeting with Ateneu Barcelonès representatives - Kippelboy
  • January 12 - Follow up Meeting with BibliotequesCAT (Catalan libraries) representatives - Kippelboy
  • January 16 - Meeting with Olot cultura representatives - Kippelboy
  • January 16 - Meeting with Sismògraf Festival representatives - Kippelboy

Content projects edit

Content Projects
PESCAR brand new project

Inspired by other language wikis Wikicups and Wikileagues, this 2017 Amical has proposed to Cawiki community a brand new yearly challenge: Wikiproject PESCAR. PESCAR is actually and acronym for Politics, Economy, Society, Culture, Arts and Religion. PESCAR (which also happens to mean Fishing, in Catalan language) is an online competition with the aim of improving knowledge about the human history on Wikipedia. Throughout 2017, we will try to improve the quantity and quality of articles about this subject on Catalan Wikipedia. Each trimestre works for an Era. We also did some online challenges on sister projects, kept our weekly collaboration with Wikimujeres and prepared a new project with Wikimedia Spain which will take place in February.

Writing challenges edit

Editathons edit

Meetings edit

Knowledge, Outreach & Awareness edit


Media coverage edit

Global Metrics edit

Note: These metrics only report events or projects which took place or ended during this month. Longer term projects like Educational or Wikipedian in Residence are reported on our semester report or the month where the project finishes.
Program Event/project/task #Active Editors #New editors # People involved Media Used #Articles improved #Bytes Other Comments
1 - COMMUNITY Cinema Week writing challenge 12 0 15 44 52 265.000 ongoing project since 2010
1 - COMMUNITY Bertrana writing challenge 5 0 8 6 16 N/A Challenge on Catalan Wikiquote (Viquidites)
2 - EDU Escola Pia Wikipedia workshop in Olot 2 2 25 3 15 N/A Wikipedia workshop to primary school children
2 - EDU Petit plançó Wikipedia workshop in Petit Plançó, Olot (50 students) 3 2 50 3 5 N/A Wikipedia workshop to primary school children
2 - EDU 4 workshops at a Terrassa Public High schools (200 students) 2 5 200 4 7 N/A 4 Wikipedia workshops to primary school children
2 - EDU Jaume I High school, Salou (25 students) 1 0 25 N/A N/A N/A Wikipedia workshop to primary school children
2 - EDU Punt Òmnia Raval, Sant Adrià del Besòs (4 assistants) 1 4 7 4 5 N/A Wikipedia workshop to secondary school children
3 - CORE #1lib1ref Catalan campaign 111 38 250 146 484 496.068 Part of global campaign
3 - CORE Faber 2017 5 20 25 48 240 N/A Temporary residency in an humanities residency, doing local partnerships
3 - CORE Gender editathon 2017 9 3 12 N/A 18 N/A co-organised with Wikimujeres
3 - CORE Viquimarató punt volat Interpunct editathon 7 0 9 5 8 N/A Online editathon about catalan interpunct
3 - CORE Horta Sud wikiproject 13 4 20 34 45 N/A Municipality writing challenge and editathon
Total (estimated) 171 78 646 297 895 >761.963