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February 2017
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Community edit


Volunteer led projects supported by Amical edit

Workshops, follow ups and internal training edit

Note: Some follow up meetings in real life are kept in private and not included in this report for respecting lower voices.
  • February 10 - In person follow up meeting with user TaronjaSatsuma - Kippelboy Barcelona
  • February 10 - In person meeting with Katherine in Barcelona - Kippelboy

Education edit


Ongoing courses edit

Outreach, workshops & events edit

  • February XX - IES Terres de Ponent, Mollerussa (60 students) - ESM
  • February 9 - New Wikpedia Course on English Wikipedia with Digital Culture Students from ESADE - Kippelboy
  • February 20 - New course on Social movements at Autonomous University of Barcelona - Kippelboy
  • February 23 - Girona Conservatoire editathon - Davidpar
  • February 24 - Kick off of a new edition of the IFMUC (musicologist) course at the Autonomous University of Barcelona - Kippelboy

Meetings edit

  • February 8 - Meeting with ESMUC to prepare editathon - Kippelboy
  • February 8 - Meeting with ESADE to talk about possible collaborations - Kippelboy
  • February 24 - Meeting with UAB Communication Vice Dean to schedule a new wikproject centered in OER. - Kippelboy

GLAM edit


During February we got an interesting donation on 3D reproductions of an historical site and also attended the GLAMwiki meeting in Paris.

Ongoing projects edit

Outreach, campaigns & events edit

  • Feb 3 - Wikipedia Workshop for Sabadell Library Network professionals - Kippelboy
  • Feb 15-17- Attending the 2017 European GLAMWiki meeting at UNESCO HQs - Kippelboy
  • February 22- Conference on the Future of Public Libraries in Lleida - Kippelboy
  • Feb 14- Content donation of 3D reproduction of Archeological site (Ullastret) (gallery)- Kippelboy

Meetings edit

  • Feb 1 - Meeting with History Museum in Girona to talk about a new WiR project - Kippelboy
  • Feb 5-6 - FABER meeting to prepare a new project on FAKE news and Journalism - Kippelboy
  • Feb 13- Meeting with Catalan Heritage board representative - Kippelboy
  • Feb 15 - Meeting with Linguistic Policy Department - barcelona
  • Feb 23- Meeting with Public Libraries network (Follow up) - Kippelboy
  • Feb 23 - Meeting with Catalan Association of Museologists (recommendations on OER and licensing) - Kippelboy

Content projects edit

Content Projects

During February we focused in the Intercultur challenge, a project co-organised with Wikimedia Spain. The cultural aspects of a language are fundamental because the cultural heritage that a large part of societies receive from the past is vertebrate through their language. This is the main motivation for Intercultur, a public writing contest that seeks to make visible the cultural heritage through the lingüistic variety existing in Spain. It consists of translating existing articles into the languages spoken in Spain, so at the end of the contest all articles provided in a single language are translated into nine. The suggested articles should be provided by the community of Wikipedians existing in those languages, as a way of translating into them the cultural heritage of their linguistic domain.

Writing challenges edit

Editathons edit

Meetings edit

Knowledge, Outreach & Awareness edit


Media coverage edit

Global Metrics edit

Note: These metrics only report events or projects which took place or ended during this month. Longer term projects like Educational or Wikipedian in Residence are reported on our semester report or the month where the project finishes.
Program Event/project/task #Active Editors #New editors # People involved Media Used #Articles improved #Bytes Other Comments
2 - EDU IES Terres de Ponent, Mollerussa 1 N/A 60 N/A N/A N/A Wikipedia workshop to secondary school students
2 - EDU Girona music conservatoire editathon 10 8 15 5 7 N/A
3 - CORE Wikipedia Workshop for Sabadell Library Network professionals 3 6 12 4 15 N/A
3 - CORE GLAMWiki meeting at UNESCO N/A N/A 25 N/A N/A N/A Sharing our bibliowikis model project
3 - CORE Conference on the Future of Public Libraries in Lleida 1 0 60 0 0 N/A Conference on cultural sector future
3 - CORE Content donation of 3D reproduction of Archeological site (Ullastret) 2 0 5 49 3 N/A Release of images
3 - CORE Intercultur 10 0 N/A N/A 64 N/A Language translaton challenge organised by Wikimedia Spain
3 - CORE 16 African Women Translate-a-thon 5 1 10 5 16 N/A Part of a global campaing
3 - CORE Women in science editathon 4 6 12 7 23 NN/A
Total (estimated) 36 21 199 70 128 N/A