Amical Wikimedia/February 2010

Courses and conferences

  • Viquibalear has already finished the stage of presenting articles. More than 800 articles have been presented. Prize-giving time will be on April 30, 2010, with the presence of the Hble. Mr. Bartomeu Llinàs Ferrà, the councilor of Education and Culture for the Balearic Government. We would like to thank Xavigivax's contribution, who designed the degrees that will be delivered in schools. Pau Cabot.
  • On February 10, a workshop on Wikimedia Commons took place at the headquarters of Òmnium Cultural de l'Alguer, in Alghero. Gus. dan
  • February 22, a dissertation at the 4th Meeting of Associated Enterprises at the UOC (Catalonia Open University). We are indebted to Kul Wadhwa who, in spite of not being a member of the association, we would be delighted if he eventually becomes one next time he visits Catalonia.

Relation with entities

  • On Wednesday 3 February, we had a meeting with the General Director of the Information Society of Catalonia's Government. We talked about different ways of contributing such as, for example, having someone who knows wikipedia and the association to be a regional contact and help other users to take an active role on wikipedia, through the TIC network. We will keep informing you of whatever is going on with this issue during the next months. KRLS
  • On Monday 8 February, we were invited to attend The Torrents Ibern Foundation Board. Among the activities of the Foundation: they fund the physics and chemistry dictionaries carried out by the termcat with an income of 24.000€/year. They purchase the copyright of scientific books, they translate them into Catalan and then publish them with free access to the material. They soon will publish the first one titled Data and Computer Communications, by Stallings. The idea is to do one per year, the permitted amount given the expenses of 25.000€/year. They also organize dialogues on scientific and technological topics. By now, we have already agreed with them that: 1) the next dialogue to take place will be about wikipedia, 2) they have set materials about professor Torrents Ibern under a free license. We will study the situation of physics and chemistry dictionaries to see if they can be published with a free compatible license with wikipedia. Gomà.
  • On February 22, we talked with the TV3 television program Espai Internet. As a result, we have opened the Wikiproject:Espai Internet (the Catalan for "Internet Space"). The idea is that before starting with a topic they will tell us, and if we can create or improve an article on the Catalan wikipedia, they will take it to the program.

Release of contents

  • On Wednesday 24 February, we had a meeting at the Columbian Studies Center (Centre d'Estudis Colombins). They have a project that consists of including in their web page all the historical documentation about Columbus, to digitalize it, to transcribe it, to comment on it, and to translate it into Catalan and English. We are planning to sign an agreement with them in order to have all that material available under a compatible license with Wikimedia. This will enable us to copy whatever we want from it according to our aims and purposes. We will keep you informed about this. KRLS & Mafoso.

Other issues

  • News at the TV3 telenotícies. Kul & Gomà. [1]
  • Viquilletra [Wikiletter] Project. In collaboration with the UOC and the Education Department to work on Catalan literature. The teachers from the ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) and high school will work on Catalan literature by topics. Once they have worked on that, they will go to a proofs wiki, following Viquibalear's model, and they will put that information on an article, following our conventions of style. They will not be moved to the Catalan wikipedia until they follow the rules. From those articles, there will be links to authors and their works, which also will have to be completed. By now we are experimenting this. We will make the proof in ten educational centers. If it works, the project will begin in September.
  • We have opened the weblink on and on twitter. Martorell & Toniher.
  • Catalan Wikipedia Book (Llibre Viquipèdia). We are finishing with it in order to be printed in paper and to have it as a material for courses and meetings on wikipedia. The following users have contributed: Vriullop, Mafoso, Ferbr1, KRLS, Miquel puig, and Gomà. It goes without saying, that were are thankful to Florence Devouard and Gullaume Paumier for being the authors of the original version in French.