American Wikimedians

  1. M8gen
  2. Anonunit
  3. Eequor
  4. Idont Havaname
  5. Neutrality
  6. UtherSRG
  7. Samuel J. Howard
  8. Lucky 6.9
  9. Taco Deposit
  10. Dante Alighieri (US specifically)
  11. Djinn112
  12. Alterego
  13. Slowking Man (United States)
  14. Matithyahu
  15. Scott Burley California, w00t (as they say)
  16. B-101 (although I don't agree with Bush)
  17. Ken Bogan
  18. Ddawson (US)
  19. Maprovonsha172 18:22, 7 May 2005 (UTC) I'll second B-101's pro-American yet anti-Bush sentiments.[reply]
  20. Cswrye
  21. Martinman11 Kentucky. Avid Bush supporter.
  22. Rockhopper10r US; not a fan of the current occupant of the White House
  23. me US; but Bush is a nazi
  24. Dave I'm an American, but the last five years have made me wish I were Canadian instead.
  25. Sesel
  26. Zidane2k1
  27. WikiFan04 Oh, how I wish I was Canadian. Bush sucks. (To you British people: We didn't all vote for him!
  28. Ryan Norton — USA!!!!
  29. Diamantina Californian by birth and upbringing. Agree with B-101, Maprovonsha172 and Rockhopper10r. Glad that my father's ancestors (from Quebec and PEI) immigrated to the US, though: I like Canadian politics, history and literature, but I think my blood is too thin for Canadian winters :-)
  30. Grika - Minnesota
  31. Mike Garcia (Michael) - California
  32. Preahcer King of Mao - Egyptian American and African American
  33. Linuxerist (One of those people that likes Bush. ;)
  34. Batshua
  35. Superabo 22:30, 11 January 2007 (UTC) I'm not proud.[reply]
  36. Jusjih: American non-acceptance of the rule of the shorter term is in the way of not only Americans but everyone.
  37. Razorflame
  38. Chucky
  39. Prodraxis I'm an Asian American from Virginia.

Marylanders edit

  1. Lady Aleena

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