Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Recognition Iraqi Wikimedians

  1. Recognizing Wikimedia User Groups is the responsibility of the Affiliations Committee;
  2. Iraqi Wikimedians User Group has submitted an application for recognition, which has been reviewed by the Affiliations Committee;
  3. The scope of the group, which can be found on their meta page, is "a Wikimedian user group that has the goal of supporting Wikimedia projects in Iraq, supporting Iraqi Wikimedians whose objectives include: (1) to have a recognized entity in Iraq to lead the projects in a proper way.; (2) to have a proper place to gather all Wikipedians in Iraq. (3) to have a base that can control the upcoming Wikipedia Education Program in Iraq."; and
It is the opinion of the Affiliations Committee that the group meets the requirements for Wikimedia User Group status.
'Therefore be it resolved that Iraqi Wikimedians User Group is recognized as a Wikimedia User Group for a one-year, renewable period, effective on 15 October, 2015.

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Per the Wikimedia user group approval process, this application has been approved on 15 October, 2015 on behalf of the Affiliations Committee: JAnstee (WMF) (talk) 21:14, 30 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]