Hù-sio̍k uí-uân-huē/Hun-huē Hok-lī

This page is a translated version of the page Affiliations Committee/Chapter Benefits and the translation is 53% complete.
  • Tē-lí pâi-tá-sìng: Only one chapter can exist in a particular country or region.
  • Hō-miâ pâi-tá-sìng: Chapters are the only affiliates which may use names of the form "Wikimedia {Location}".
  • Hi̍k-tik koh-khah tuā-ê tsīng-khuán: Chapters are eligible to apply for larger annual plan grants ($100K+) through the Wikimedia Foundation's Annual Plan Grants process.
  • Hi̍k-tik siong-piau: Chapters sign a trademark agreement that allows non-commercial use of all Wikimedia trademarks.
  • Tit-tio̍h tiû-khuán: Chapters may use Wikimedia trademarks for fundraising, and may have access to additional fundraising opportunities (such as payment processing for the annual Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser).
  • Hù-ka tāi-piáu: Chapters may send two (or more, in the case of chapters with paid staff) representatives to the annual Wikimedia Conference.
  • Táng-sū-huē si̍k-uī ê suán-ti̍k: Chapters may participate in the selection process for the Wikimedia Foundation's affiliate-selected Board seats.