Affiliate-selected Board seats/2019/notes/2019-04-29 Agenda and minutes for sixth facilitators' call

2019-04-29 Agenda and minutes for sixth facilitators' call



  1. Ad
  2. Abhinav
  3. Jeffrey
  4. Lane
  5. Erica

Missing: Neal - sorry!, Alex


  1. Opening
  2. Eligible entities
  3. Nominations
  4. Questions
  5. Translations
  6. Navigation box
  7. Endorsements
  8. Question for facilitators
  9. Qualtrics test
  10. Next meeting
  11. Closing


  1. Opening
  2. Eligible entities
    1. Is the list complete?
      1. Korea votes as user group
        1. Recently recognized as chapter
        2. Chapter/usergroup distinction seems to not make a difference in this election
      2. Newly recognized groups:
      3. Late minute reports completed: a bunch of groups, only 3 left.
    2. Official voters
      1. Names without user names … not necessary for Qualtrics
  3. Nominations
    1. There are now 8 … what about diversity?
    2. what can or should we do to solicit more nominations?
      1. idea: we could make a last call and note that 7 of 8 seem white and 7 of 8 seem men
      2. idea: ping candidates to notify them about the questions page
      3. idea: sort out navigation box
  4. Questions
    1. To individual candidates
      1. Some have gotten questions and answered them
      2. Some haven't got any questions
    2. Questions for all candidates?
      1. None are answered
    3. Trust & Safety
      1. No concerns yet?
  5. Navigation box
    1. Where is the quick fix for this year?
    3. Alex worked on this 19-20 April
    4. maybe it is ready to go? Lane pinged Alex on template's talk page
  6. Translations
    1. Which pages need attention?
      1. Candidate profiles fr and es will go, ar and ru not
      2. if anyone knows any community members who can translate ar and ru, then ping them
      3. if we used paid translation services then we still need community review
      4. only translate candidates with their endorsements in order
  7. Endorsements
    1. Are current endorsements by official voters?
    2. Should the period for endorsements be extended?
      1. Jeffrey - No - the date has been posted publicly and meeting the eligibility criteria is a low standard that we should expect of good candidates
      2. Lane - in future elections avoid this rushed schedule, but for this year, no extension and yes let's keep to schedule
  8. Question for facilitators - who is participating in voting discussions for organizations in which they are members?
    1. Jeffrey - observed discussions in various user groups, noted emails going around. In general not much discussion. Jeffrey has participated in discussions around the process of the election but has not and will not speak about the candidates.
    2. Ad - I will not participate in discussion about the candidates. In the Netherlands he expects that the discussion will happen
    3. Lane - participate in discussions about the process of the election; avoid participating in discussions about the candidates
    4. Abhinav - talking user groups in India and the in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Many people here do not have awareness about the election. Only talking about the process but not the candidates.
    5. Neal - has noticed some preliminary emails going around, starting in late March. I have noted and recused myself from any candidate discussion.
  9. Erica is sending another Qualtrics test
    1. evening of 1 May
    2. this is for a small group of user testing volunteers
    3. it will be over Sunday 5, if not sooner
    4. the point of the test is to get live user feedback
    5. Neal adds all facilitators: Done
  10. Next meeting
    1. Confirm eligible candidates
    2. Erica plans to set the ballot on the 6 May
    3. next meeting - 6 May - Ad to send Doodle
  11. Closing