Affiliate-selected Board seats/2019/notes/2019-04-12 Agenda and minutes for fourth facilitators' call

2019-04-12 Agenda and minutes for fourth facilitators' call

Agenda edit

  1. Opening
  2. Announcements (The board approved the resolution)
  3. Translations
  4. Call for nominations
  5. COI
  6. Time zone used for timeline
  7. Duplicate user groups
  8. Draft for message to affiliates

Attendees edit

3.Chuck from WMF legal
5.Erica from WMF

Notes edit

2.COI (Covering COI first while Chuck from WMF legal is here)
a.WMF staff as contact person of an affiliate, COI or not as an issue?
i.Chuck advised that having a WMF employee execute the casting of a vote is not a legal problem, however the intended process is that the casting of a vote is supposed to be the consequence of a community discussion and process. Chuck said that a possible way in which this could be problematic in the case of someone at the WMF being pressured by the WMF to cast the vote. Chuck said that there could be a rule that WMF staff should not be primary contacts. Erica from WMF reported that so far as she is able to determine, in her list of primary and secondary contacts, there is no WMF staff person (full time or otherwise). Because of this, it seems like this is a theoretical problem which will not apply in this case.
b.About transparency, we should write down who are the people who are helping with the set up of the voting system, so people know in three years they can ask them for further information. Also, if we care about any type of COI, we should be sure that whoever has these practical tasks, is not the person casting the vote for an affiliate.
i.Chuck advised that anyone standing as a candidate in an election should not cast a vote.
c.about possible COI, can a candidate vote for themselves in this election if they are member of a local BoT or similar body, or a voting delegate? How was the situation in 2016
i.answered in previous discussion
d.Background checks (legal) - What sort of criminal records will preclude running, and how will this be checked in countries or areas where such records are not readily available?
i.If anything comes up in a background check, it would be reported to the Board and if anything comes up that would preclude working safely with the WMF (such as fraud or embezzlement), then that would be potentially problematic.
ii.Chuck said that the WMF plan was to do the WMF-style background check on the 2 leading candidates, then possibly do additional background checks if there is a reason to expect that the leading candidates will not serve on the board
e.question about voting system - Erica and her WMF supervisor are running the Qualtrics;
a.The board approved the resolution (There have been some changes to the resolution after our last meeting
4.Translations Translations of the resolution are in progress. 8 languages completed, two partial.
5.Call for nominations
i.still have "to be determined" tags in various places. We need to resolve that before we can send for translation. [Done after the meeting] about "two and only two nominations" is an attempt to avoid an early voting system for candidates which could have unwanted results, including biasing people viewing the candidate's page.
b.Call for nominations includes requirements proposed by Frans Grijzenhout
c.Board is aiming for Sunday night (European time) to share the ideal traits/skills of a potential trustee.
Nominations will appear on (which includes a button to nominate oneself):
d.using a template for the candidate’s page:</br Questions:
e.When will we send out the call for nominations (and translate those pages)?
i.As soon as Board completes the page, Erica can do it, mark for translation etc.
f.There is a need for a navigation template. Alex volunteered to have a go at making one.
6.Time zone used for timeline
a.See: b.Proposal: UTC. So nominations from 15 april 0:00 UTC to 30 april 23:59 UTC and so on
i.Group agrees.
7.Duplicate user groups?
a.The resolution describes an investigation process which the ASBS would execute on community request in certain circumstances.
i.Group agreed that this will be evaluated further when the need arises. No official complaints so far.
8.Draft for message to affiliates' talk pages: a.Any requests to change this? No, seems okay...
b.Erica reached out to all primary contacts already
c.checking the out of compliance groups -
ii.groups which would vote need to be in compliance 7 May d.need to update FAQ [Done after the meeting]
e.Need to change so that it's a table - one column for entities names, one for representative name, one for a checkmark for voting, for now.