Affiliate-selected Board seats/2019/notes/2019-03-21 Agenda and minutes for second facilitators' call

2019-03-21 Agenda and minutes for second facilitators' call


1. Agenda for Wikimedia Summit discussion

2. Draft a process resolution

3. Communication


1. Agenda for Wikimedia Summit discussion

A schedule for a presentation and discussion at the Wikimedia Summit next was discussed and agreed upon.

2. Draft a process resolution

A draft resolution to appoint election facilitators, and set rules for the election as well as a timetable was discussed and refined. It is up to the affiliates themselves to decided on the resolution.

3. Communication

Attendees discussed what needs to be communicated when. The Agenda and Draft resolution are to be send to the all-affiliates mailing list preferably before March 25, 2019.

The goals of that communication are: (to be written and send by Ad)

a. To inform: there is a Wikimedia Foundation, which is a US non-profit, which has a Board of Trustees of 10 people, of which two are selected by affiliates. There will be an (s)election now for two seats for a term of three years. Not only chapters can vote in this election, also user groups and the thematic organization. The process is to be determined in agreement by affiliates and the Wikimedia Foundation. Objections absent, the people who volunteered to become facilitator in this election are now considered to be appointed as facilitator.

b. A call to action 1: come to agreement of the process for this election. The facilitators have drafted a resolution, with a timeline. Proposed decision process is consensus: representatives can raise objections. When all objections are resolved, agreement is reached.

c. A call to action 2: agree on a profile for candidates.

The goals of the Wikimedia Summit dialogue are:

a. Raise awareness about this (s)election and what the stakes are. Previous resolution required a quorum of half the organizations to vote.

b. Allow for dialogue and/or question and answer session about the nitty gritty details of the election process. How to nominate yourself when and where? How to get endorsements? How and where to vote? How to weigh the votes?

c. Communicate a sense of urgency to come to an agreement about the process prior to April 7.

d. Communicate a sense of urgency to look for selectable candidates.

e. Communicate a sense of urgency to get the vote out in May.