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提携団体選出理事定数 - 候補の受付

今年は提携団体 (国別協会、テーマ別組織、利用者グループ) からウィキメディア財団理事会に理事を2名選出することになりました。

We want to invite nominations for candidates to be elected to the Wikimedia Foundation Board in this process. Please help us by distributing this call for candidates as widely as possible through such forums as mailing lists, village pumps, and blogs.


The Wikimedia Foundation board provide governance and strategic oversight of the Wikimedia Foundation. The role of Wikimedia Foundation board members is set out in detail in Board member page and in the Board handbook.

Candidates' profiles

Successful candidates will bring expertise and understanding to help the Board further its goals and ability to work effectively at a strategic and governance level. The work of the Board is conducted in English (though fluency in additional languages is an advantage) and the role involves a significant commitment, including travel to several in-person meetings in California or worldwide. The Board's perspective regarding an ideal candidate profile can be read at Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Ideal candidate profile (2019).

Common requirements or criteria to assess candidates are:

  • Engaged in the community, including project work for affiliates
  • Effective communicator, emphatic, approachable, trustworthy
  • Governance experience. Proven track record in leading positions
  • Must understand technical issues, sees the chances that technology can bring
  • Strong voice in strategic discussions. Able to set clear goals, taking position, defending point of view, but also willing to compromise in order to come to a decision

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. Candidates must obtain public endorsement for candidacy from exactly two Wikimedia affiliates which are eligible to vote in this election
  2. Candidates must be listed on nominations page during the scheduled nomination period

Unlike the community election, there are no criteria regarding previous contributions to Wikimedia projects. Wikimedia Foundation Board members are also required to be over 18, willing to publicly disclose their real name, to submit identity documents to Wikimedia Foundation, and not to have been convicted of serious crimes. Candidates and voting organizations are advised to take these prerequisites for community elections into consideration.

The bylaws of the Wikimedia Foundation require "Trustees selected by Affiliates must meet the requirements of applicable state or federal law for Trusteeship. In the event that a candidate is selected who does not meet the requirements of Article IV, Section 3(A) or other requirements of these Bylaws, or of applicable state or federal law, the Board will (i) not approve the selected candidate, (ii) declare a vacancy on the Board, and (iii) request that the Affiliates collectively select a new candidate whom the Board may appoint to fill the resulting vacancy".



推薦の受付は2019年4月30日 23:59 UTC までです。投票用紙に候補者名を記載するには推薦人は2名とし、2件を超える支持は認められません。 選挙過程の日程は提携団体選出理事定数のページに掲載します。選挙のよくある質問もご参照ください。


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