Advisory Opinion of the Chair

In the beginning there was the God King and that God King came forth and created Wikipedia, and it was good.

After a while the subjects of the God King came forth and pleaded with his Majesty. "Oh Great One allow us the right to dwell in your kingdoms and make many Wikipedias." The God King saw it was good and so he allowed his subjects to create many Wikipedias, one to each language of the universe.

And then there was great thundering and the servers began crashing. The subjects of the God King cried out, "Oh Lord of Lords, help us, our servers are crashing." And from amongst his subjects came some members who stated, "It is time to create a Foundation, Our Lord!" "We need more resources, new servers, more bandwidth. Please without your approbation we are lost." And the God King saw it was good and he created the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. and to this foundation he gave the right to allow his subjects to donate money to support his many realms.

One day the God King discovered he had become the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the paperwork began piling up. "Woe is me," said the God King. "Before I was omnipotent and all powerful, but now I have Bylaws and my subjects are crying for representation. What am I to do?" And a voice in the wilderness cried out: "Delegate!" So the God King created many committees and these committees began to populate his realm and his subjects saw that the God King truly wished them to govern themselves and they were all happy. And the God King became a trusted counsel and advisor to all his committees giving them "Advisory Opinions" to ensure that harmony existed through his realms. And everyone lived happily ever after.