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This policy was approved by the Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director on November 7th 2017 under the Board delegation of policy-making authority of December 13 2016. This policy serves as an extension of the Access to nonpublic information policy

The Wikimedia Foundation Access to nonpublic information policy is a board approved policy setting minimum limits for those who the Foundation will allow to gain access to sensitive access rights such as Checkuser, Oversight or OTRS. As part of the policy OTRS members must be 16 or over and all other advanced rights holders (such as Checkusers or Oversighters) must be 18. At times there may be trusted users who do not meet the normal age requirements and deserve to be reviewed for a possible exception to this policy. If you wish to be considered for an exception you may email ca@wikimedia.org. You can find the general procedure that will be followed below:

  1. The exemption must be approved by both the Legal Department (General Counsel or delegate) and Community Engagement Department (Chief of Community Engagement or delegate).
  2. The departments will review the applicant and determine suitability.
  3. Following approval from Legal and CE the recommendation will be made to the Executive Director who retains the authority to grant the exception under the board Delegation of policy-making authority policy.
  4. Following the Executive Director's approval the user will be required to pass the usual community election or selection process.
  5. Users will be asked to have both themselves and a parent or guardian sign a modified version of the Confidentiality agreement which will be sent to them directly if approved. Users will be marked as underaged on the applicable noticeboard.
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