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Rules Abuse filter maintainer rules & information
This page contains the rules related to the abuse filter maintainer and their use of their rights to fix and update abuse filters in all projects and languages.

Abuse filter maintainer is a global user group given by stewards that lets trusted users access to view and sometimes edit abuse filters. This ability is allowed on every public Wikimedia wiki that shares access via CentralAuth and SUL, and is only to be used for non-controversial changing, or by when the local community requests it. Since users in this group can badly disrupt Wikimedia wikis if used wrongly, the abuse filter maintainer ability is only given to users who have maintained abuse filters well in the past.


Use of abilities

This global group is allowed on every Wikimedia wiki that shares access via CentralAuth and SUL (including locked (closed) wikis and not including private and fishbowl wikis). Abuse filter maintainers must not make any controversial changes to filters on any project. Unless they are asked to by the community, abuse filter maintainers should not change how filters work. Instead, they should use their ability only for fixing and updating, such as stopping a filter from not working due to changes to MediaWiki and the AbuseFilter extension. Notes should be left in the filter description saying why the change was needed, and listing the relevant Phabricator tasks if applicable.

Abuse filter maintainers should not make regular changes to the filters on larger projects without knowledge and agreement. Projects with large communities and rules for fixing and updating abuse filters can stop the change from happening, in which case they should give abuse filter maintainers guidelines about how to tell them about the needed changes so that they can be done by the local community. Examples may include a link to the "village pump" page, a mailing list, or requesting the abuse filter maintainer to tell a local administrator through in-wiki email.


  • View the abuse log (abusefilter-log)
  • View detailed abuse log entries (abusefilter-log-detail)
  • View log entries of abuse filters marked as private (abusefilter-log-private)
  • Create or modify abuse filters (abusefilter-modify)
  • Create or modify global abuse filters (abusefilter-modify-global)
  • Modify abuse filters with restricted actions (abusefilter-modify-restricted)
  • View abuse filters (abusefilter-view)
  • View abuse filters marked as private (abusefilter-view-private)
  • Enable two-factor authentication (oathauth-enable)


Requests for abuse filter maintainer abilities should be put on Steward requests/Global permissions. The request will be allowed by a steward if the discussion for the user comes to an agreement after a period of at least one week. The discussion is not a vote; additions should have points of view for or against the user's approval.

As a rule, abuse filter maintainers should:

  • Hold administrator or abuse filter helper (if it exists) on their home wiki or project
  • Have a lot of experience with AbuseFilter: made or changed several filters
  • Has worked on the AbuseFilter code and is in the discussions on Phabricator

Normally, allowance will not be permanent, lasting any time up to a year, and will be added to Steward requests/Permissions/Approved temporary. Requests for renewal can be done by placing a new request on Steward requests/Global permissions#Requests for other global permissions.


Continued access to abuse filters depends on activity and community trust.

  • Misuse or abuse: If this permission is used for any changes which are not wanted, such as major additions or removals to a project's abuse filter, or continued disruption, access will be taken away by a steward. Requests can be made to any steward by placing a request on Steward requests/Permissions#Removal of access or, in emergencies, the #wikimedia-stewardsconnect IRC channel.
  • Inactivity: If an abuse filter maintainer has not made any edits for six months, the permission may be taken away by a steward.

Review of an abuse filter maintainer's actions can be requested from any steward or through requests for comment.


Abuse filter maintainers should make a global user page where they say that they have these abilities and how they may be used (i.e. by linking to this page). Abuse filter maintainers are suggested and encouraged to use two-factor authentication.

Users with the Abuse filter maintainer ability

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