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It is our pleasure to announce that Max Binder will join the Abstract Wikipedia team part-time for a while in order to provide us help and support with our processes and tools. Max is a Senior Team Effectiveness Coach and joined the Wikimedia Foundation in 2015. I want to let Max introduce himself with his own words:

Hello! :)

My name is Max (it’s not short for anything, which I have found is uncommon). I use he/him pronouns. I am excited to join this team from the Technical Program Management team, and support healthy team practices. Here are some links to things I’ve written previously about who I am and how I approach my work:

Meta page: User:MBinder (WMF)

Approach and style: Team Effectiveness Coach Approach and Style

I will be with this team as long as it takes to codify needs and norms thereof, and eventually onboard a Technical Program Manager for ongoing support thereafter.

Picking a favorite Wikipedia page is like picking a favorite child, but I’ve always enjoyed: List of helicopter prison escapes and Toliet paper orientation

One goal for Max is to help us get our processes ready to scale for more new members.

Speaking of which: we are hiring! We are currently hiring for two Software Engineers and an Engineering Manager for Abstract Wikipedia. The positions can be remote and can be outside the United States. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, or a good community to spread the word about the positions, please share the link.

We also want to say thanks to Carolyn Li-Madeo and Simone Cuomo, who have been working with us for the last few months. Carolyn was helping to kick-off the design work within Abstract Wikipedia with Aishwarya, and is now stepping away from the day to day work on Abstract Wikipedia in order to focus more on her primary work within the Foundation. Simone has worked on a number of tasks on the front end, for example making the front-end more testable and modular, and is now ramping up to provide support for the Structured Data team. Our deepest gratitude to both of them for their contributions to the project and the support they provide to the organization and user experiences more generally.

We also got word that we were selected for a session at Wikimania 2021. Wikimania will be held from August 13 to 17, 2021. On August 14, at 17:00 UTC, we will host a 1.5 hour session on Wikifunctions and Abstract Wikipedia. This year, Wikimania will be an entirely virtual event and registration is free. Bring your questions and discussions to Wikimania 2021!

Another reminder that there is an invitation to attend for free the Grammatical Framework Summer School from 26 July to 6 August 2021.