Abstract Wikipedia/External outreach

We are talking to many external experts and groups while building Wikifunctions and Abstract Wikipedia. Their advice, assistance, and feedback, have been crucial for helping us so far.

This page helps to keep track of who we are talking to, so that we can make the most of their limited time.

We want to avoid contacting the same person/group multiple times, or too early, or with confusing introductions. First impressions are often all we get, if they are not immediately intrigued! It can also be helpful to have outreach coming from an official email address, especially if the experts are regularly overloaded with emails requesting their time and need to triage them quickly.

Sometimes it goes the other way around. The external party reads about all the nice partnerships we're currently doing and reaches out, either to the team, Foundation, local chapters, or related individuals.

If you have suggestions for an individual or group that we should contact, or have been contacted by someone, please talk to the Abstract Wikipedia team. You can use any of the public discussion options listed at Abstract Wikipedia#Participate, or email Quiddity privately.

Table of existing contactsEdit

This table contains the public details of who we are already in contact with. Private details are stored separately (including: email addresses, non-disclosable comments, time of next contact, ...)

Person/group Affiliation Main topic Related links Status
Aarne Ranta Gothenburg University grammatical frameworks http://www.grammaticalframework.org/ regular meetings
Elena Simperl King's College London collaborative systems, knowledge https://www.kcl.ac.uk/people/elena-simperl irregular discussions
Tiago Torrent Federal University of Juiz de Fora natural language generation https://www.tiagotorrent.com/ collaboration through Arthur Lorenzi
Emily Bender University of Washington natural language processing https://faculty.washington.edu/ebender/ contacted by community member, interested but not currently available