2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine/Stories of Ukrainian Wikimedians during the war

Wikimedia Ukraine is collecting and telling stories of Ukrainian Wikimedia community members affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine – volunteering on Wikipedia and on the ground, fighting in the army and saving lives.

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Stories published in English


Most of these stories were originally published in Ukrainian and translated into English

  1. Countering Russian aggression with a camera (story of Serhii Petrov)
  2. Anton Obozhyn, programmer turned serviceman
  3. Andrii Hrytsenko, educator and prolific Wikipedia author
  4. Ukrainian Wikimedians volunteering during the war: Two stories (Anastasia Petrova and Oleksandr Kotliar)
  5. The tragedy of Mariupol, as seen by a first-hand witness (story of user Wanderer777)
  6. Armed service and Twitter poems – the story of Wikipedian joining the army (Viacheslav Fedchenkov)
  7. New article on Wikipedia every day – completing the #100wikidays challenge during the war (story of user Antanana)
  8. Author, school principal and Wikipedian – Svitlana Diachok
  9. Nature protection and battles at the forefront – Oleg Andros
  10. Covering the war on Wikipedia – Yuri Perohanych
  11. Editing Wikipedia from a bomb shelter in Kharkiv, Ukraine – Viacheslav Mamon’s story
  12. Keeping calm and improving Ukrainian Wikipedia during the war — story of user BruneiWMUA
  13. Why Anton Senenko spends all his free time volunteering
  14. Science and art during the war – the story of Yana Sychikova
  15. The story of Dmytro Ostapchuk – a teacher from occupied Mariupol
  16. Meet Oleh Shostak, Ukrainian Wikipedia’s most prolific editor

Stories published (so far) only in Ukrainian


Some of these stories will be translated and published in English later on

  1. How Wikipedian Serhii Martyniuk was defending Irpin from Russian invasion
  2. Editing Wikipedia and living near the frontline – story of Yevhen Buket
  3. Meeting the war in her native Kharkiv – story of Nataliia Lastovets
  4. Museum exhibitions and volunteering during the war – story of Tetiana Hryhorenko

Video stories