100wikidays/First aid kit

First aid kit for the victims of the 100wikidays: useful pieces of code that can relieve the pain and make the suffering a bit more bearable :)

Progress timeline Edit

Smuggled from pl:Wikipedysta:Pnapora/100wikidays

ImageSize  = width:800 height:50
PlotArea   = left:15 right:15 bottom:20 top:5
AlignBars  = justify

Colors =
  id:postep value:rgb(0.435,0.85,0.866)

Period     = from:0 till:100
TimeAxis   = orientation:horizontal
ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:10 start:0
ScaleMinor = unit:year increment:2  start:2

  align:center textcolor:black fontsize:8 mark:(line,black) width:25 shift:(0,0)

  from: 0   till:    34   color:postep

Change the number after till: in the last line from 0 to 100:

 from: 0   till:    34   color:postep