"#100wikidatadays" is a personal challenge, in which a person aims at the creation or reconstruction of (at least) one template (e.g. infobox) which gets all or almost all its information from Wikidata in 100 days in a row. The general idea and the rules follow the idea of the 100wikidays. The idea was discussed at Wikimania 2016.

Feel free to join!

Note: The use of infoboxes based on WD should be done according to the rules of the local community in order to avoid deception.

Rules Edit

  • If template is created, it should get most of its data from Wikidata and to be used minimum in 10 pages.
  • If template is reconstructed, it should also get most of its data from Wikidata so that it will not be worse that it was done with hands.
  • No cheating!
    • No missed days and no catch-ups.
    • No preparation of templates in advance.
    • But also: Ignore All Rules and: "The only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself." -- Washington Allston

How-to Edit

  1. Set-up your page on your local wiki, where you will report your templates, e.g. eo:User:Lingveno/100wikidatadays
  2. Add it below
  3. Indicate your start date an a wiki where are you creating your template
  4. When you are done, put a tick

Tutorial Edit

You can see the tutorial on infobox creation here.

Participants Edit

N°1 Editor Started on (YYYY-MM-DD) Creating templates on Progress reports Status
1 Lingveno 2016-06-29 Esperanto Wikipedia eowiki
2 Escudero 2016-06-29 English Wikipedia enwiki
3 Airon90 2016-07-04 Italian Wikipedia itwiki