Kansai Wikimedian Association

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Abstract: Wikimedians in Kansai (WiKansai) form an informal group for outreach and empowerment of Wikimedia Movement. WiKansai membership is open for anyone who supports its cause and gets endorsement from two current members. Official website: http://kansai.wikimedia.jp

We are the Kansai Wikimedian Association (also known as Wikimedians in Kansai, abbreviated as WiKansai), and we're devoted to providing information about the Wikimedia Project as well as that relating to the Wikimedia Movement. We aim to promote the exchange of culture and information between ourselves, Project participants as well as others. We were founded on the 15th of September, 2010.

Current Activities

"The Wikimedian Way" Workshop Hall in Kobe, 05-Jun-2011
WiKansai Booth at Kansai Open Source 2010 (06-Oct-2010)
3rd Kansai Wikimedians Study Group (Sep-2010)
  • We hold study groups monthly, and regularly host lectures on the Wikimedia Movement etc.
  • In the Kansai area, we take part in Open Source Events and do Project presentations.
  • We are also planning Wikimedian cultural exchange events.

Please see here for details: Kansai Wikimedian Association Website

Also browse these pictures and materials at Wikimedia Commons.


The Kansai Wikimedian Association has a membership system. To attain membership, you must both support the Association's purpose and be recommended by two members. If you are interested, please come to the study group first.


Wikimedia is a registered trademark of the American Wikimedia Foundation. The Kansai Wikimedian Association is a voluntary gathering of people participating in the Wikimedia Project and has no direct legal relationship with the American Wikimedia Foundation nor the Wikimedia Project. To contact the Wikimedia Project, please go directly to their website.


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